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Why Foretell Should be a Bigger Part of Magic

Magic the Gathering is a game of many keywords and some are more common than others. For example, flying, scry, first strike, and menace are ubiquitous and can even appear on multiple commons in the same set and color. These ‘base’ keywords are evergreen and appear in every set regardless of that set’s unique flavor […]

The MTG Proxy Controversy | Why You Should Use Proxies

Today I’d like to talk to you about the proxy controversy in Magic: the Gathering. Magic, like many other trading card games, can be expensive. It’s not uncommon for a single card to cost $20, $50, $100, or more if it’s powerful in many formats. Then if you fork out the cash to get that […]

The Pen is Mightier than the Ward | MTG Ward Mechanic

Ok, the title doesn’t make any sense but if you haven’t guessed already this article is about Magic’s ward ability. Ward has been in the game for years but it was only just added as an official keyword in Strixhaven. Ward Mechanic in MTG Ward’s a pretty simple ability but it’s one that can be […]

Why you Should be Goading more in Commander

Goad, an ability introduced in Conspiracy: Take the Crown, makes people salty in commander. It’s no surprise, really, that taking semi-control of people’s creatures and forcing them to attack is annoying for them to deal with. However, goading isn’t something you should be afraid of doing just because it makes people salty; it helps finish […]

Why Vehicles aren’t Played more in Magic

There was a lot of hype around vehicles and crew in Magic: the Gathering when they were released in Kaladesh. Wizards of the Coast had been hyping them up for months, and players were excited to see what they could do. Unfortunately, they failed to have a lasting impact on the game. In this article, […]

The Five Colors of Magic the Gathering | Personality & Play Style

Class-ifying the Five Colors of Magic I was teaching my newbie friend Magic when out of the blue he asked me “Can I be the barbarian?” I replied, “umm there aren’t any classes in Magic but I guess you’d like red”, handing him the red Welcome Deck. He liked red but he was curious about […]

The Five Phases of Magic the Gathering

It’s no secret that Magic: the Gathering is a complex game–the world’s most complex, according to some. It doesn’t help either that each turn is divided into five phases or that each phase is further subdivided into steps. Throw the concept of priority into the mix, and you can see why playing a four-player commander […]

Free MTG Arena Codes – Complete Active List (July 2022)

Let’s take a short break from discussing MtG Proxy cards, and instead talk about MtG Arena for a moment. What is MtG Arena? According to Wizards of the Coast, MtG Arena was created for beginners and long-time players of Magic alike. It’s a new way to play, and you can unlock powerful decks right off […]