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A proxy, in its simplest form, is either a homemade copy or a stand-in for an official MtG card or another token. When playing Magic, some people may write down the name and the abilities on a piece of paper and cover a reverse card with a sleeve; some people may go a bit further and write the name of the card on the back of a bulk card; others may print out the card they need. The latter is an incredibly important component of MtG.

Printed proxies can be a homemade version of a card, but many players also use proxies to their advantage by making them look more authentic. An MtG proxy can be a homemade version of a card that the player cannot get.  At ProxyKing we make custom mtg proxies that are super high quality and we strive to make them realistic.  Our goal is simply to make Magic more accessible to everyone.  

Proxy cards are not play-legal in the realm of sanctioned MtG.  But they are awesome for commander, table-top play, and casual.  


We ship globally, from the United States.  Contact us for wholesale orders.  We strive to make quality products, to accomplish that, we only use the best quality materials.  

Here are the companies we partner with for supplies and materials:
Quality inks for our printers: Quality Inks
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Custom Paper Stocks: Paper Stock

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