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The Power of Deflecting Swat in Magic: The Gathering

With thousands of cards available, players constantly seek powerful additions to their MTG decks. One such card that has gained significant attention for its versatility and game-changing potential is Deflecting Swat.

In this article, we will talk about why Deflecting Swat is considered a powerful card in the game and its impact on competitive Commander (cedh) gameplay.

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Deflecting Swat is an instant spell that allows players to choose new targets for a target spell or ability. This incredible versatility gives players the ability to redirect their opponent’s spells or abilities to different targets, providing a significant advantage in numerous scenarios. Whether used defensively to protect valuable permanents or offensively to disrupt opponents’ strategies, Deflecting Swat offers a wide range of possibilities.

The Commander Connection

One of the key reasons for the popularity of Deflecting Swat in cedh is its interaction with commanders. If a player controls a commander, they can cast Deflecting Swat without paying its mana cost. This feature makes it a zero-cost instant, an invaluable resource in a competitive environment where efficient resource management is crucial. Being able to protect or redirect spells and abilities for free can often tip the scales in favor of the player utilizing Deflecting Swat.

Targeting Abilities for Maximum Impact

In addition to its spell redirection capabilities, Deflecting Swat stands out by being able to target abilities on the stack. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for players. Redirecting crucial abilities to different targets can disrupt opponents’ strategies and potentially swing the game in their favor. Whether it’s nullifying an opponent’s game-winning ability or protecting a valuable resource, Deflecting Swat’s ability to target abilities adds another layer of power and flexibility.

Comparing to Red Elemental Blast

A common question among players is whether Deflecting Swat is superior to Red Elemental Blast (REB), a popular card that counters blue spells and destroys blue permanents. While both cards serve different purposes, Deflecting Swat’s versatility often sets it apart. REB specifically targets blue spells and permanents, making it effective in countering blue-focused strategies. On the other hand, Deflecting Swat can counter or redirect any spell or ability, offering a broader range of applications. The choice between the two ultimately depends on a player’s deck strategy, the metagame, and the specific threats they expect to face.

Community Consensus

Within the Magic community, Deflecting Swat has garnered positive feedback and high regard. Players recognize its power and versatility, making it a valuable addition to competitive decks, especially those with commanders that are frequently cast. It is considered an essential tool for winning counter wars, protecting game-winning plays, and disrupting opponents’ strategies. The card’s zero mana cost and ability to target abilities further contribute to its appeal among players seeking a competitive edge.


Deflecting Swat has emerged as a formidable card in the ever-evolving landscape of Magic: The Gathering. Its versatility, zero-cost casting, and ability to redirect both spells and abilities make it a potent weapon in the hands of skilled players. In cedh, where every decision can impact the outcome, Deflecting Swat has become a staple inclusion in many decks, providing a means to counter opponents, protect valuable resources, and reshape the course of a game. As the game continues to evolve, players will undoubtedly find new ways to leverage the power of Deflecting Swat and solidify its place as a cornerstone of strategic gameplay.

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