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Troll and Toad Shifts Focus Away from ‘Magic: The Gathering’ After Nearly 30 Years

Long-standing Magic: The Gathering retail powerhouse, Troll and Toad, will be withdrawing from Magic: The Gathering singles and sealed products starting January 1, 2024, marking the end of a nearly 30-year association with the game. This move signifies the conclusion of an era. Troll and Toad, in operation since 1994, stood as one of the […]

Lorcana Lore and Story Explained

Lorcana is a breathtakingly enchanting Trading Card Game (TCG) brought to life by the creative minds at Disney in collaboration with Ravensburger. Set within a mystical and captivating realm, Lorcana offers players an immersive experience that seamlessly blends the magic of Disney storytelling with the thrill of strategic card battles. The heart of Lorcana lies […]

Introducing Premium Pokémon Proxies to Our Collection at

Greetings Trainers and Collectors, We are thrilled to announce the latest expansion to our product catalog at top-notch Pokémon Proxy Cards! As aficionados of trading card games, we understand the passion and dedication you pour into deck building, playing, and collecting. That’s why we are committed to providing you with the highest quality custom […]

How Much Did Richard Garfield Make From Magic: the Gathering?

In the heart of Seattle, a 60-year-old father and grandfather named Richard Garfield has transformed his passion for games into a lucrative career. This story explores the life of a man who has made millions from his ingenious creation, “Magic: The Gathering.” The Genesis of Magic: The Gathering During his Ph.D. at the University of […]

MTG Lord of the Rings Tales of Middle-earth: Must Have Cards

The release of Tales of Middle-earth has created much excitement among Magic: The Gathering players. While The One Ring remains the most sought-after card, there are several other excellent cards in the set that are worth discussing. Today, we will explore ten captivating cards that players will be thrilled to open at Prereleases and beyond. […]

Magic Arena’s Ranking System for Dummies

If you’re unfamiliar with online multiplayer game ranking systems, such as those used in esports games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, CS:GO, or Valorant, then you’ll be unfamiliar with Magic Arena’s. These ranking systems are all based on the Elo rating system (specifically a  “Glicko style system” for Magic Arena) but hide the numbers […]

Planeswalker Commanders in MTG Ranked

Commander, also known as Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH), has experienced significant growth since its inception as an unofficial format. With the release of Commander 2014, the format underwent a fundamental change by introducing the option to have planeswalkers as commanders. This addition raised new questions and brought forth a whole new set of rules. In […]

The Power of Deflecting Swat in Magic: The Gathering

With thousands of cards available, players constantly seek powerful additions to their MTG decks. One such card that has gained significant attention for its versatility and game-changing potential is Deflecting Swat. In this article, we will talk about why Deflecting Swat is considered a powerful card in the game and its impact on competitive Commander […]

MTG’s Rarest Card is Already Pringled

Magic: the Gathering’s new Lord of the Rings set has been making waves in the gaming community. One of the standout features of the set is the inclusion of The One Ring, a central artifact in the Lord of the Rings IP. This card is unique, with only one copy in existence. However, in its […]

Magic: The Gathering’s Lord of the Rings Crossover: Art Mishap

Magic: The Gathering’s highly anticipated crossover with The Lord of the Rings has been the talk of the gaming community recently. The crossover introduces a series of scene cards that, when placed together, form an impressive picture of The Battle of the Pelennor Fields. However, it has come to light that an unfortunate mistake occurred […]