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Print MTG Proxies

At Proxy King, we offer the best MTG proxies on the internet. Our proxies are known for being extremely realistic. However, because we carefully optimize and reproduce every card that we sell to be as close to the original as possible, it’s not realistic to carry every card.

Now we are partnering with to produce what we call close-match proxies, of virtually any card in the MTG database.

What's the Difference Between ProxyKing and PrintMTG Proxies?

PrintMTG proxies aren’t meant to be an exact replica like our ProxyKing caards. At ProxyKing, our design team painstakingly recreates each card design we sell, we also utilize a labor intensive process to create cards that look and feel as close to original cards as possible.

On the other hand, at PrintMTG, the team uses high resolution scans of the cards that they print onto high quality card stock, so that the size and weight will match original MTG cards. However, because they are based on scans, the reproduction is not as precise; for example, the proxies don’t have holo stamps, the texture is a bit different.

That said, they still look amazing when sleeved and are perfect for kitchen table Magic. The bottom line is that if you want the best proxies that are hard to tell apart from original Magic cards, stick with Proxy King. If you don’t care about the cards being exact matches, PrintMTG may be worth a try.

We are working with PrintMTG to optimize the tool. The goal will be to eventually offer proxies as low as $0.30 per card.

More About the Service

This service lets you paste in an entire deck and print it on demand, the finish is not an exact match, and the print is based on scans of cards rather than an extremely detailed recreation. However, the benefit of this service is that we can offer virtually every card, and at a low price per card with quantity discounts.

This collaboration introduces an innovative Print on Demand MTG proxy printing service, designed for players who prioritize accessibility and affordability over perfect replicas.

This service caters to a wide range of needs, from players looking to test out new commander decks without the investment in expensive cards to those wishing to expand their collection with older, harder-to-find cards. Whether you’re interested in enhancing your casual play, building a cube, or simply exploring more cards for the joy of playing Magic, our partnership with ensures a truly unmatched experience.

Key features of our Print MTG Proxies service include:

      • High-Quality MTG Proxy options for custom magic cards, ensuring a high-quality match to real cards.

      • Amazing Proxy Booster Packs to discover new decks and strategies.

      • Custom Cards service to create your own card, bringing personalized ideas to life.

      • Entire Deck Import and Print capability, saving time and making deck testing more efficient.

      • Affordable Pricing It is a cost-effective option for accessing more cards at the lowest prices.

      • Quantity Discounts to enhance your collection or deck options without breaking the bank.

    Our collaboration with PrintMTG is about more than just printing cards; it’s about creating access to the entire MTG universe, offering options for every player from the casual to the competitive, and ensuring that playing Magic remains an exciting, affordable, and inclusive experience. Stay tuned as we continue to optimize this tool and expand our offerings, all while maintaining the quality and service you’ve come to expect from Proxy King. 

    Print mtg proxies.

    MTG Proxy and Custom Cards FAQ

    Q1: What is an MTG proxy? A1: An MTG proxy is a substitute card used in place of a real Magic the Gathering card. Proxies can be used for playtesting, casual games, or as placeholders for expensive or hard-to-find cards.

    Q2: Can I create custom cards or my own card designs? A2: Yes, the service allows you to create custom cards and your own card designs. You can upload your art, fill in the card details, and we’ll print them on quality cardstock.

    Q3: How do I import my deck to create proxies? A3: The website features a tool where you can paste in your entire decklist. Our system will automatically generate proxy cards for your entire deck.

    Q4: Are older cards and rarities available for proxy printing? A4: Absolutely! We offer proxies for all the cards in the MTG database, including older cards and rare editions. Simply search for the card or use the import deck feature to add them to your list.

    Q5: What should I double-check before buying proxies? A5: Always double-check the card details, images, and the quality preview. Ensure that the proxies meet your expectations in terms of art and readability.

    Q6: How long does shipping take? A6: Shipping times vary based on your location. Once your order is complete and shipped, we’ll provide tracking information via email. Please note that international orders may take longer.

    Q7: Can I request a custom booster pack? A7: Yes, you can customize your own booster pack with a mix of cards. Select the “booster pack” option, choose your cards, and we’ll package them for you.

    Q8: Is it possible to download the images of the cards I’ve created? A8: For copyright reasons, downloading the original images of magic cards is not typically allowed. However, you can download the previews of your custom card designs from your account.

    Q9: Do you offer foil proxies? A9: Yes, we offer a foil feature for custom cards and proxies. Select the foil option when creating or ordering your cards for that extra shine.

    Q10: What kind of printers and paper do you use for printing proxies? A10: We use high-quality printers and premium cardstock for all our prints. This ensures that the proxies have a close match to original MTG cards.