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Why you Should be Goading more in Commander

Goad, an ability introduced in Conspiracy: Take the Crown, makes people salty in commander. It’s no surprise, really, that taking semi-control of people’s creatures and forcing them to attack is annoying for them to deal with. However, goading isn’t something you should be afraid of doing just because it makes people salty; it helps finish the damned game.

Here is why you should use Goad in Commander.

Here are some reasons why goad is a net positive for MTG commander players:

Goad breaks stalemates

Goad helps to break up creature stalemates on the board. If both players have a board full of creatures and neither can attack through the others’ defenses, goading can help to change that. By forcing one player’s creatures to attack, you may be able to create an opening in their defense for your creatures to get through and start dealing damage.

Too many commander games are stalled by clogged board states and goad is just one way to break them up.

It speeds up the game

Goading also helps to speed up the game by making players take actions they might not otherwise take. When someone is forced to attack with their creatures, they may be forced to use removal spells or combat tricks that they would have been holding onto for later. This can help to speed up the game and move it towards a conclusion.

Some players are just naturally durdly and are afraid of creating politics or simply too timid to attack anyone. Goad is just another way to force these players to actually help progress the game instead of pointlessly twiddling mana rocks, activating abilities, and moving counters around in a game of solitaire.

It’s just plain funny

Finally, goading is often just plain funny. Forcing your opponents to attack each other can create some hilarious situations, especially if you have creatures with enter the battlefield effects that trigger when they attack. Seeing your opponents beat the crap out of each other is always satisfying, even if it isn’t the most strategic play.

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Final thoughts

So don’t be afraid to use goad in your commander games, even if it does make people salty. It’s a powerful ability that can help you to break up creature stalemates, speed up the game, and create some hilarious situations.

If Magic players are getting salty about goad then they should probably find another game to play or just stop playing commander. While goad can be an obnoxious mechanic, it’s far less annoying than having your stuff stolen by a Blatant Thievery, as most decks aren’t equipped to take their stuff back unless they’re running Brand or Homeward Path.

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