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Deflecting Swat – MTG Proxy Commander


Deflecting Swat

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Deflecting Swat Details

Color Identity: Red
Card Type: Instant
Text: If you control a commander, you may cast this spell without paying its mana cost.
You may choose new targets for target spell or ability.
CMC: 3
Commander: Legal
Duel: Banned
Legacy: Legal
Vintage: Legal


If you choose new targets for the target spell, the new targets must be legal.

If the target spell has a variable number of targets, you can’t change how many targets it has.

If the target spell has damage divided as it was cast (like Mythos of Vadrok), the division can’t be changed although the targets receiving that damage still can. The same is true of spells that distribute counters.

Once you begin casting this spell, players can’t take any other actions until you’re done casting it. Notably, they can’t try to remove the commander you control to make you pay its cost.

It doesn’t matter whose commander you control. Any one will do. If you have two commanders, you just need to control one of them.

More About Our Magic: the Gathering Proxies

Deflecting Swat is a highly versatile instant spell that has captured the Magic: The Gathering community’s attention due to its game-changing potential. It offers players the ability to choose new targets for target spells or abilities, granting them a significant advantage in various situations. Whether used defensively to safeguard crucial permanents or offensively to disrupt opponents’ strategies, Deflecting Swat opens up a wide range of tactical possibilities. Its ability to target abilities on the stack sets it apart from other cards, allowing players to disrupt key abilities and potentially turn the tide of the game in their favor.

In competitive Commander (cedh) gameplay, Deflecting Swat has become particularly popular for its interaction with commanders. When a player controls their commander, they can cast Deflecting Swat without paying its mana cost, essentially making it a zero-cost instant. This feature is invaluable in a competitive environment where efficient resource management is essential. The card’s versatility, coupled with its ability to protect or redirect spells and abilities for free, has made Deflecting Swat a staple inclusion in many cedh decks, where every strategic decision can impact the game’s outcome. As players continue to explore new ways to leverage its power, Deflecting Swat solidifies its place as a cornerstone of strategic gameplay.

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