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Green MTG Proxy Cards

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Showing 121–150 of 204 results

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Green is one of the five colors of mana that is produced in Magic the Gathering. Green mana comes from the power of the forests. It embodies the principles of instinct and interdependence.

The mana symbol for green is a tree. It is the ally of white and red, and the enemy of blue and black.

Green decks tend to have a creature-heavy focus. Some common green abilities or themes include mana ramp, creature growth, and token generation.

Magic the Gathering (also known as MTG and Magic) is a collectible trading card game. It was designed by Richard Garfield, and originally released in 1993. It has maintained it’s spot as one of the most popular trading card games for nearly three decades. The game is published by Wizards of the Coast, now a subsidiary of Hasbro. 

New cards are released regularly through expansion sets. The value of cards is determined by their rarity in production combined with the demand for the cards driven by utility in games.

Magic cards are printed at different quantities during production. There are common, uncommon, rare, and mythic rare cards. There are also chase variations of certain cards. These include Foil cards, borderless, alternate art, and showcase cards. These versions typically have much lower production numbers and are therefore more expensive.

A proxy card is a stand in for an original Magic the Gathering card. They can be used for palytesting, kitchen table Magic, FNM, or collecting. At Proxy King we strive to make the best proxies in the world and offer them at an affordable price.

We are constantly making new cards, so check back regularly for the latest. We typically do a print run every 1-2 weeks so if we are sold out of a certain card, we will typically have it back in stock very shortly.

Most orders are processed and shipped within 1 business day. During peak periods this may extend to 2-3 business days.

Our system automatically sends e-mail notifications when your order ships. These emails sometimes got filtered to spam so check there if you don’t see our e-mails. 

We ship the majority of our orders via USPS first class mail. This typically takes about a week for delivery. If you need your cards by a specific date let us know and we can give you a shipping quote that will meet your deadline.