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Tinker Bell Giant Fairy (Alternate Art) – Disney’s Lorcana Proxy Card


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This is a custom made Lorcana card. It is printed onto quality black core card stock using state of the art printing technology. The dimensions of the card mirrors a regular Lorcana card so you can include it seamlessly into your deck or collection. The back looks just like a regular Lorcana card too.

Card Name: Tinker Bell

Cost: 6
Languages: English (EN), German (DE), French (FR)
Type: Giant Fairy
Faction: Floodborn
Card Category: Ally
Race: Fairy
Special Mechanic: Shift 4 (You may pay 4 energy crystals ⬡ to play this card on top of one of your characters named Tinker Bell.)


  1. ROCK THE BOAT: When you play this character, deal 1 damage to each opposing character. This effect represents Tinker Bell’s chaotic and mischievous nature, as she causes disruption among the enemy ranks.
  2. PUNY PIRATE! During your turn, whenever this character banishes another character in a challenge, you may deal 2 damage to a chosen opposing character. This ability reflects Tinker Bell’s combativeness and her particular disdain for pirates, allowing her to deal extra damage under certain conditions.

Card Description:
Tinker Bell, the Giant Fairy from the Floodborn faction, is a fierce ally and a member of the Fairy race. She possesses unique abilities that can turn the tide of a game, especially if you’re building a strategy around the Shift mechanic or focusing on dealing damage to opposing characters. With her “ROCK THE BOAT” ability, she ensures that her presence is felt immediately, causing disruption among enemy forces by dealing damage to all opposing characters. Additionally, her “PUNY PIRATE!” ability allows for strategic plays during challenges, providing opportunities to deal additional damage and potentially sway the outcome of battles.

The Shift 4 mechanic adds a layer of strategy, allowing players who have Tinker Bell in play to transform her into the Giant Fairy version at a crucial moment, potentially surprising the opponent and making strategic gains. It also reflects Tinker Bell’s magical nature, showcasing her ability to change and adapt when necessary.

As a Fairy from the Floodborn faction, Tinker Bell brings a mix of mischievous energy and combat prowess to the game, making her a valuable asset for players who know how to leverage her unique abilities.

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What is a Lorcana Proxy Card?

A Lorcana  proxy card is a ‘stand-in’ for an original Lorcana card in a deck or collection. We try to make the highest quality custom Lorcana Proxies on the market. Our goal is to make every detail as accurate as possible. We use one of the premier printing companies in the world to produce our cards, so the color, resolution, and size/weight mirror an original card.

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