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Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist – D23 Promos – Disney’s Lorcana Card Proxy


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Introducing the custom-made Lorcana card, “Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist,” an exquisite addition to your collection. This card is meticulously printed on high-quality black core card stock using state-of-the-art printing technology. It seamlessly fits into your deck or collection, featuring dimensions and a back design identical to regular Lorcana cards.

Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist

  • Character Type: Dreamborn
  • Title: Villain
  • Title: Pirate
  • Title: Captain
  • Challenger +2: When challenging, this character gains +2 ※, exemplifying Hook’s fierce determination in a duel.

Card Stats:

  • Attack Power: 1
  • Health Points: 2

Franchise: Peter Pan

Card Description:

Embark on a swashbuckling adventure with the “Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist” Lorcana card, capturing the essence of the notorious pirate captain from “Peter Pan.”

This card presents Captain Hook as a character of the Dreamborn affiliation, bearing the titles of Villain, Pirate, and Captain. His “Challenger +2” ability reflects Hook’s unyielding spirit and skill in a duel, granting him an additional ※ when challenging opponents. This makes him a formidable foe in one-on-one encounters.

With an Attack Power of 1 and Health Points of 2, Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist brings a unique blend of strategic options and daring gameplay to your deck.

Join the thrilling world of “Peter Pan” with the “Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist” card and unleash Hook’s formidable dueling prowess. Engage in epic battles and outmaneuver your opponents with his tactical abilities in your Lorcana adventures.

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What is a Lorcana Proxy Card?

A Lorcana  proxy card is a ‘stand-in’ for an original Lorcana card in a deck or collection. We try to make the highest quality custom Lorcana Proxies on the market. Our goal is to make every detail as accurate as possible. We use one of the premier printing companies in the world to produce our cards, so the color, resolution, and size/weight mirror an original card.

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