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The One Ring (Extended Art) – MTG Proxy Universes Beyond: The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth 


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More About Our Magic: the Gathering Proxies

This is a high quality Magic the Gathering proxy card. This utilizes the latest production technology to create a realistic proxy card that you can use in Friday Night Magic, or at home.

The One Ring is a complex card with crucial abilities. Firstly, it’s indestructible, making it nearly impossible to remove using cards like Force of Vigor, Abrade, or Boseiju. Secondly, when you cast it, you gain protection from everything until your next turn, which means you can’t be damaged, equipped, enchanted, fortified, blocked, or targeted, shielding you from your opponent’s actions. Thirdly, during your upkeep, you lose 1 life for each burden counter on The One Ring. This may not seem significant at first, but when you use its fourth and most potent ability, tapping it to add a burden counter and draw a card for each burden counter, the value becomes clear.

The One Ring essentially becomes a card draw engine, ensuring you get 3 cards for 1 life and potentially 6 cards for 3 life if it survives until your next turn. This is a powerful advantage, especially in the context of Modern gameplay where both players often have limited resources by turn 4. Unlike other card advantage engines like Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, or Jace, the Mindsculptor, The One Ring is hard to remove, allowing you to tap out for it without risking much. Its legendary status is also beneficial because, after drawing 6 or 10 cards, you’ll likely find another ring to reset the counters by invoking the legend rule. The One Ring is becoming a staple in Modern decks and has been performing exceptionally well in recent Modern Challenges and Preliminaries, featuring in various archetypes such as Tron, Amulet Titan, 4c Omnath, Scapeshift, Grinding Station combo, and more. It’s not just achieving 5-0 records but also securing high placements in these competitive events, establishing itself as a dominant presence in the Modern format.

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*These are unofficial proxies, not for use in Wizards of the Coast LLC sanctioned events and tournaments.

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An MTG proxy card is a ‘stand-in’ for an original Magic card in a deck. We try to make the highest quality custom Magic Proxies on the market. Our goal is to make every detail as accurate as possible. We use one of the premier printing companies in the world to produce our cards, so the color, resolution, and size/weight mirror an original card.

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