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Sword Equipment Set (Showcase) – MtG 2XM

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Sword Equipment Set

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These powerful artifacts provide a myriad of advantages to their wielders, including a boost in power and toughness, protection from specific colors, and triggered abilities that activate upon combat damage to a player. Additionally, equipping these swords requires a mere 2 mana. Let’s explore these fascinating aspects further.

MTG Sword Characteristics

Each sword in this equipment set bestows a significant +2/+2 increase in power and toughness to the creature it is attached to. Furthermore, they grant protection from two distinct colors, enhancing the versatility of the equipped creature by safeguarding it against specific types of threats.

One of the defining features of these swords is their triggered ability. This ability activates when the creature equipped with the sword successfully deals combat damage to an opponent. What makes this ability particularly intriguing is that it aligns with the two colors from which the sword provides protection, offering a thematic and strategic synergy between the sword’s attributes and its triggered effects.

Historical Background

The history of these swords in Magic: The Gathering is a fascinating journey. Initially, they were introduced across sets associated with Mirrodin and New Phyrexia, conferring protection from enemy colors. However, the evolution of the game saw the introduction of swords featuring allied colors with the release of Modern Horizons. This expansion of color options added a new layer of complexity to deck-building and gameplay.

Reprints and Artistry

Throughout their existence in the game, some of these swords have been reprinted in various forms, including the Masters series and the Masterpiece Series. Notably, some have even become coveted judge promotional cards. What sets these swords apart, aside from their gameplay impact, is the dedication to artistic diversity. Chris Rahn, a renowned artist, has contributed unique artwork for each sword in the set, enriching the visual experience of these coveted cards.

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