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Sword Equipment Set (FOIL) – MtG Kaladesh Inventions

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Sword Equipment Set

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Sword Equipment Set Details

Each sword provides +2/+2, protection from two colors, has a triggered ability that triggers when the sword’s equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, and equips for 2 mana. The sword’s triggered ability will offer two effects that come from the same two colors that the sword gives its equipped creature protection against.

Kaladesh Inventions is a promotional Magic set comprising 54 foil artifact cards randomly included in boosters of the Kaladesh block. This set is a part of the Masterpiece Series and showcases a distinctive Kaladesh-inspired card frame and a unique expansion symbol, setting them apart from the core sets. Notably, they are not considered part of the sets themselves. These Kaladesh Inventions boast entirely new artwork set in the world of Kaladesh and are slightly more common than premium mythic rares. They are exclusively printed in English but can be found in packs of all languages. Importantly, these cards are playable in limited formats and any formats where they are already deemed legal, with 30 Invention cards initially featured in Kaladesh and an additional 24 in Aether Revolt.


At first, the swords were released across sets that featured Mirrodin and New Phyrexia and offered protection from enemy colors. Swords featuring allied colors started being released with Modern Horizons.

Some swords have been reprinted in the Masters series, in Masterpiece Series, and even as judge promotional cards. While many swords have received different art, Chris Rahn has created a piece of art for each sword so far.

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