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Rhystic Study – MTG Proxy Jumpstart


Rhystic Study

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Rhystic Study Details

Color Identity: Blue
Card Type: Enchantment
Text: Whenever an opponent casts a spell, you may draw a card unless that player pays {1}.
CMC: 3
Commander: Legal
Duel: Legal
Legacy: Legal
Pauper: Legal
Paupercommander: Banned
Premodern: Legal
Vintage: Legal


The player gets the option to pay when this triggered ability resolves. This will be after the spell is announced, but before it resolves.

You don’t have to decide whether or not you are drawing until after the player decides whether or not to pay.

More About Our Magic: the Gathering Proxies

Rhystic Study is highly regarded in Magic: The Gathering due to its popularity and impact on the game. Many players appreciate its artwork and the dynamic it adds to Commander gameplay. Rhystic Study, along with cards like Esper Sentinel, Mystic Remora, and Smothering Tithe, has become a staple in the format.

What makes Rhystic Study exceptional is the Rhystic mechanic, which encourages interactive gameplay. This mechanic involves players deciding whether to pay an additional cost of one mana when casting spells. When you control Rhystic Study, you benefit from your opponents’ decisions. If they don’t pay the additional mana, you get to draw a card, potentially providing you with multiple cards in a turn cycle. This dynamic makes your opponents’ turns engaging, as every spell they cast becomes an opportunity for you to gain card advantage. For your opponents, it presents an interesting decision of whether or not to pay the extra cost.

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