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Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing – Disney’s Lorcana Card Proxy


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Introducing the custom-made Lorcana card, “Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing,” a heartwarming addition to your collection. This card is meticulously printed on high-quality black core card stock using state-of-the-art printing technology, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into your deck or collection. Its dimensions and back design match regular Lorcana cards.

Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing

  • Character Type: Hero
  • Title: Princess
  • Affiliation: Storyborn
  • GLEAM AND GLOW: When you play this character, you have the option to remove up to 3 damage from one of your characters. For each 1 damage removed this way, draw a card, reflecting Rapunzel’s magical healing abilities.

Card Stats:

  • Attack Power: 1
  • Health Points: 5

Franchise: Tangled

Card Description:

Step into the enchanting world of “Tangled” with the “Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing” Lorcana card, a beautiful representation of the beloved princess.

Rapunzel is depicted as a Hero and Princess of the Storyborn affiliation. Her unique ability, “GLEAM AND GLOW,” mirrors her magical gift of healing. When you play this card, you have the option to remove up to 3 damage from one of your characters. For each 1 damage removed in this way, you draw a card, symbolizing the rejuvenating and restorative power of Rapunzel’s hair.

With an Attack Power of 1 and Health Points of 5, Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing combines her gentle nature with a sturdy presence, making her a valuable asset in your deck.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting tale of “Tangled” with the “Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing” card, and let her healing abilities and resilience guide you to victory in your Lorcana adventures.

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What is a Lorcana Proxy Card?

A Lorcana¬† proxy card is a ‘stand-in’ for an original Lorcana card in a deck or collection. We try to make the highest quality custom Lorcana Proxies on the market. Our goal is to make every detail as accurate as possible. We use one of the premier printing companies in the world to produce our cards, so the color, resolution, and size/weight mirror an original card.

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