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Wizards Has Announced a New Charity Secret Lair for the Late Sheldon Menery

In September of last year, Magic: The Gathering fans were saddened by the news of Sheldon Menery’s passing after a seven-year battle with throat cancer. Menery was revered by Magic fans as the pioneer of the Commander format, which has since become the most popular format of Magic: The Gathering. His passing left a profound […]

How Much Did Richard Garfield Make From Magic: the Gathering?

Richard Garfield net worth: Richard Garfield is an American mathematician, inventor, and game designer who has a net worth of $125 million from Magic: the Gathering. Garfield owned a 25% stake in Wizards of the Coast when Hasbro paid $450 million to acquire it, netting him over $100 million. With his additional work in the […]

Exploring the Abilities of Sorin: The Magic Card Game’s Dark Hero

Sorin is a legendary vampire Planeswalker who first appeared in the Magic card game in the Zendikar expansion in 2009. Since then, he has become one of the most iconic characters in the game, known for his dark and mysterious abilities. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Sorin, exploring his history, evolution, […]

The History of the Lotus in MTG | Black Lotus and More

The Black Lotus has been one of the most iconic cards in all of Magic for almost 30 years. Wizards of the Coast has tried to mimic its power and beauty with varying degrees of success. But for most players, this classic card of yesterday always seems to be just out of reach.  Black Lotus: […]

Richard Garfield Biography | The Father of MTG

Richard Garfield Early Life Richard Channing Garfield, Jr., Ph.D. was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1966, and spent his childhood in many locations throughout the world, as a result of his father’s work as an architect. However, his family eventually settled in the State of Oregon when he was 12. Garfield is also the great-grandson […]

Magic the Gathering Lore and Storyline Explained

Hello, people of the internet. Welcome to “everything you need to know about the Magic: The Gathering lore and storyline.” The Story of Magic: the Gathering The story of Magic: The Gathering is told in a number of places, but the most important events and characters are often showcased on cards as spells, artifacts, planeswalkers, […]

The Original Dual Lands of Magic the Gathering | History & Analysis

What Are Dual Lands? A Dual Land (or a Dual for short) is a land in Magic the Gathering that can produce two types of mana. Dual lands were initially printed in Limited Edition Alpha. There are loads of different dual lands that have been released throughout Magic’s history, but today we are going to […]

A Brief History of Magic: the Gathering

MtG nearly didn’t happen. Wizards of the Coast was busy making roleplaying games and supplements in Peter Adkison’s basement in 1991. Dr. Richard Garfield, a doctorate candidate in combinatorial mathematics, addressed Adkison, the owner and CEO of Wizards. Garfield wanted Wizards to publish his “RoboRally” board game concept. Adkison enjoyed RoboRally, but he believed at […]

The Most Expensive TCG Cards Ever Sold

Many collectors hope that part or all of their collection will one day be worth something. Trading card games can be some of the most collectible investments. Of course, not all trading cards will grow in value. Many of them will be dime a dozen, and are really not worth anything, nor will they ever […]