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The Art of Jim Holloway

Enjoy the Journey!! If you have any questions for Jim (or any other comments), this is the place. Just send us an email @ and will post replies as soon as we can. So, stay tuned for further developments! We might even get a picture of Jim on here too! :o) *** Q1. What is Jim’s […]

Harvesters RPG

At long last the Harvesters RPG by Troll Lord Games is available!! As usual, Jim Holloway did an outstanding job doing the cover and interior artwork! Here’s a synopsis of what it’s all about: Begin an epic journey in the rugged boots of the most unlikely heroes. Enter the world of the Harvesters where badgers, […]

Jim Holloway Flashback Art

Jim Holloway Flashback, 1982!!  Illustrations from the Monster Card Sets!