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Harvesters RPG

At long last the Harvesters RPG by Troll Lord Games is available!! As usual, Jim Holloway did an outstanding job doing the cover and interior artwork! Here’s a synopsis of what it’s all about: Begin an epic journey in the rugged boots of the most unlikely heroes. Enter the world of the Harvesters where badgers, […]

Jim Holloway Flashback Art

Jim Holloway Flashback, 1982!!  Illustrations from the Monster Card Sets!

The Art of Jim Holloway

Enjoy the Journey!! If you have any questions for Jim (or any other comments), this is the place. Just send us an email @ and will post replies as soon as we can. So, stay tuned for further developments! We might even get a picture of Jim on here too! :o) *** Q1. What is Jim’s […]