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Why you Should be Goading more in Commander

Goad, an ability introduced in Conspiracy: Take the Crown, makes people salty in commander. It’s no surprise, really, that taking semi-control of people’s creatures and forcing them to attack is annoying for them to deal with. However, goading isn’t something you should be afraid of doing just because it makes people salty; it helps finish […]

Why Vehicles aren’t Played more in Magic

There was a lot of hype around vehicles and crew in Magic: the Gathering when they were released in Kaladesh. Wizards of the Coast had been hyping them up for months, and players were excited to see what they could do. Unfortunately, they failed to have a lasting impact on the game. In this article, […]

Richard Garfield Biography | The Father of MTG

Richard Garfield Early Life Richard Channing Garfield, Jr., Ph.D. was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1966, and spent his childhood in many locations throughout the world, as a result of his father’s work as an architect. However, his family eventually settled in the State of Oregon when he was 12. Garfield is also the great-grandson […]

Magic the Gathering Lore and Storyline Explained

Hello, people of the internet. Welcome to “everything you need to know about the Magic: The Gathering lore and storyline.” The Story of Magic: the Gathering The story of Magic: The Gathering is told in a number of places, but the most important events and characters are often showcased on cards as spells, artifacts, planeswalkers, […]

MTG Fetch Lands | What are they and Why are they so Popular?

Buying expensive lands in Magic the Gathering sucks. Especially lands that you almost always immediately put in the graveyard to find other, less expensive lands. A Scalding Tarn these days can fetch (pun intended) up to $30, which is a lot for a land that essentially does nothing but find another land and make you […]

The Original Dual Lands of Magic the Gathering | History & Analysis

What Are Dual Lands? A Dual Land (or a Dual for short) is a land in Magic the Gathering that can produce two types of mana. Dual lands were initially printed in Limited Edition Alpha. There are loads of different dual lands that have been released throughout Magic’s history, but today we are going to […]

The Five Colors of Magic the Gathering | Personality & Play Style

Class-ifying the Five Colors of Magic I was teaching my newbie friend Magic when out of the blue he asked me “Can I be the barbarian?” I replied, “umm there aren’t any classes in Magic but I guess you’d like red”, handing him the red Welcome Deck. He liked red but he was curious about […]

The Five Phases of Magic the Gathering

It’s no secret that Magic: the Gathering is a complex game–the world’s most complex, according to some. It doesn’t help either that each turn is divided into five phases or that each phase is further subdivided into steps. Throw the concept of priority into the mix, and you can see why playing a four-player commander […]

What are MtG Shock Lands | Overview and Guide

What are Shock Lands? Shock lands are a type of ‘dual land’ (lands that can be tapped for two different types of mana) in Magic the Gathering. The ‘shock’ in their name comes from the fact that you can pay two life to have them enter the battlefield untapped.  There are ten different shock lands. […]

Ranking the Best MtG Mana Rocks for Commander

Mana rocks are artifacts that can produce mana. This can give you a leg up early in the game because you can play as many of them on your turn as you can afford.